[Zope-CMF] Small change on MemberdataTool

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com
Mon, 19 May 2003 15:39:49 -0300

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 02:25:44PM -0400, Tres Seaver wrote:
| I'm guessing that you plan to do "instance dict" majyk in the NZO setup
| to make your patched bit work, right?  In that case, could you just
| monkey-patch the tool's 'wrapUser' method, with a big XXX comment noting
| that the patch can go away when NZO upgrades to 1.4 (which it ought to
| do ASAP after the release, scheduled for today).

More or less. The problem is that we are going to use CMFLDAP (which
Jens is not mantaining anymore) at least for now, and then switch to
something else. The whole problem here lies in that it seems not to be
possible to have a schema property with a underscore in the middle to
be stored in LDAP, so I need to write a wrapper that does the property
mapping from a name with underscores to one without underscores and back.

| Does NZO use a vendor-imported CMF repository?  That would be another
| way to resolve this issue:  you could add the patch you your vendor
| import of 1.3.1, and then have it go away when you re-import 1.4.

No, no vendor-imported repository right now, but as CMFLDAP looks like
it will not live for long, Ill go into importing it and make the
needed changes there then. Thanks for the idea :)

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