[Zope-CMF] Small change on MemberdataTool

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com
Mon, 19 May 2003 16:16:42 -0300

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 02:58:15PM -0400, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
| >More or less. The problem is that we are going to use CMFLDAP (which
| >Jens is not mantaining anymore) at least for now, and then switch to
| >something else. The whole problem here lies in that it seems not to be
| >possible to have a schema property with a underscore in the middle to
| >be stored in LDAP, so I need to write a wrapper that does the property
| >mapping from a name with underscores to one without underscores and 
| >back.
| correction: it has been revived after some prodding from Michael 
| Lindig. see http://www.dataflake.org/software/cmfldap/

Oh! Then I think its better to merge this into it: 

And adding support just on CMFLDAP MemberDataTool for getting a custom
wrapper class. 


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