[Zope-CMF] [dev] createMemberarea: small proposal

Yuppie schubbe@web.de
Thu, 22 May 2003 12:25:10 +0200


For my next customer project I need to customize the content creation 
done by createMemberarea.

There are some workarounds to do this:

But I'd prefer to change the MembershipTool and resolve at the same time 
collector issue #39 <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/39> .

AFAICS, all we need is
- a python script customizable TTW, called by createMemberarea
- a place for skeleton member areas

I guess the best place for both of them would be the Membership Tool itself.

So this is what I propose:

1.) make CMFCore.MembershipTool folderish
(like TypesTool, WorkflowTool, ...)

2.) change CMFDefault.MembershipTool:
Move as much as possible of 'createMemberarea' to a new script located 
in portal_membership's 'Contents' tab. (Also move DEFAULT_MEMBER_CONTENT 
to the 'Contents' tab.) If the script is deleted, 'createMemberarea' 
should just create an empty folder.

By default, this should give you exactly the same result as before. But 
it would be easier to change the default behavior and there would be a 
common place for skeleton member areas.

Any thoughts?

If there are no objections and no better ideas, I'm going to implement 
this in CMF HEAD (CMF 1.5).