[Zope-CMF] Re: [dev] createMemberarea: small proposal

Gitte Wange gitte@mmmanager.org
Fri, 23 May 2003 12:51:34 +0200

On Friday 23 May 2003 12:24 pm, Yuppie wrote:
> Yuppie wrote:
> > Any thoughts?
> Seems I have to discuss this with myself ;)
> Does anybody know why createMemberarea doesn't make use of invokeFactory()
> ?

My guess is that is because members are not logged_in when the 
createMemberArea function is called (if member areas are created when 

> If there is no good reason, I'm going to change that.

Well if invokeFactory() handles anonymous users supposed to be members then 
fine with me :-))

But I think the initiative to make the member areas dynamically changeable is 
a great thing! I really miss that functionality (at the moment I'm 
subclassing the membership tool a lot of times).

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