[Zope-CMF] Product properties: set and get ?

D2 borelan@wanadoo.fr
Fri, 23 May 2003 11:34:27 -0400


Chris pointed out an abuse of the properties system and he is right so 
to add a property to your product, in initialise, in your product's 
__init__.py module, use manage_addProperties instead of using 
_setProperty directly ie:

     product=getattr(context, '_ProductContext__prod')
     product.manage_addProperty('new_property', 'Value', 'string')

or :
     your_properties=(['property-1', 'Value_1', 'string'], ['Property_2',
     12500, 'int'])
     product=getattr(context, '_ProductContext__prod')
     for property in your_properties:
         product.manage_addProperty(property[0], property[1],

where 'new_property' is the property's id, 'value' the property's value 
and 'string' the property's type. If
  ProductContext is an object created during the initialization process 
to provide a context to the product.
You can find it in Products/App/ProductContext.

I didn't find another way to get the product without using 
_ProductContext__prod maybe there's another one but wich one ?
I didn't find _ProductContext__prod directly but found self.__prod (in 
ProductContext class) and i guessed that the __ notation had something 
Maybe chris would tell a Python-and-Zope-newbie, if the __ has special 
effects ? I didn't find it yet...


Jean-Francois.Doyon@CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca a écrit:
> Ah! Sweet :)
> I ended up putting my properties on the root object since they could just as
> well be put there in my case.
> But since products have properties, it's good to know how to set them
> programatically and so on, and I may use this yet :)
> That "_ProductContext__prod" is something I'd never seen, I guess that's why
> I couldn't figure it out .. I didn't know how to "obtain" the product object
> to run setProperty on!
> Thanks!
> J.F.