[Zope-CMF] recursive permissions and folders

martin f krafft madduck@madduck.net
Sun, 25 May 2003 21:17:27 +0200

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I am a little at a loss here. I would like to provide a subhierarchy
/internal on my site, which is only accessible if the visitor holds
a specific role.

If i remove the 'View' permission for everyone else from that
folder, it seems to work because all child objects acquire
permissions settings from the parent.

But I have a problem: my site is managed by a workflow system, and
thus the 'View' permission is specific to every single object. I can
remove 'View' from /internal, and noone can view that folder or
documents contained in it, but when as visitor directly accesses
e.g. /internal/faq/document, access is granted.

I would have to keep /internal and all documents below it in the
'private' workflow state to maintain this security. Since I have
other Members with workflow change permissions, this is too much of
a risk as humans are well-known to err here and there...

Unix has the 'x' permission, and the following setting does exactly
what I want:

  drwxrwx---   Owner      Admins          /internal

Now the owner and anyone in the group Admins can do whatever they
want in /internal, but anyone else cannot access the directory.
Moreover, if there is a subdir:

  drw-rw-rw-   Owner      Admins          /internal/faq/document

still noone but the owner or the Admins could access that file.=20

Is something like this possible in Zope?

How else do people manage this requirement?


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