[Zope-CMF] Hierarchical user management

Kristian Nilsen kristian@dropmemail.com
Fri, 30 May 2003 23:21:09 +0200

Hi everyone,

I've installed CMF with the purpose of managing a community of private 
apartments, where there are about 7-10 users per apartment. I have tried to 
find a solution for the apartments to manage their own users: what I would 
like to do is to create one "apartment"-user for each of the apartments (of 
course, the "apartment" user only has limited privileges - perhaps the only 
thing he can do is add new users). Then I'd like to limit each of the 
"apartment"-users to a certain number of "resident"-users (say there are 7 
persons living in that apartment; I'd allow 7 resident-users plus e.g. 1 
extra account if someone is in the process of moving in or out).

I would also like to give each of the apartments a Desktop common for all 
the residents, and the possibility to share documents and have discussions 
etc. that are private/accessible only to the residents.

Has anyone implemented something like this, or know how I could solve this?