[Zope-CMF] Please, help to start using Epoz

gxk@rambler.ru gxk@rambler.ru
Sat, 31 May 2003 11:01:28 +0300


I am new guy in Zope, so excuse me for dumm questions.Have Zope-2.6.1, 
CMF-1.4, Epoz-0.2.2 under RedHat9 w/ Mozilla-1.4rc1 and IE6-sp1

I am trying to use Epoz under CMFPortal.
Add epoz under <portal_skins> and add epoz to the skin path.

Create edit dtml-method (id=edit) w/ code from your example under 
Also create dtml-doc at the same place, named test.

Now when i did URL/<portal>/test getting test document, but when
URL/<portal>/test/edit nothing changed.
Can u have any advise for me?