[Zope-CMF] sluggish images in CMF?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Sat Dec 4 11:54:59 EST 2004

Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>Are there any open collector issues for this?
> Unless you (or someone else) closed it inadequately!

Well maybe you could be so good as to give me a link to it, or even just 
the issue number would be fine? ;-)

> The extreme slowness with debug mode on Windows (due to
> excessive "os.path.walk") is still there, in any case!

What version of CMF are you referring to? As I said, in 1.5 there only 
appears to be one platform dependent path. That does involve a 
path.walk, but there's a very clear comment just above that explainign 
why it's there.

> And it would not need to be there!

What should be there instead?



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