[Zope-CMF] is this tiny patch to CMFCore/Expression.py okay?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Dec 5 13:08:19 EST 2004

Chris Withers wrote at 2004-12-5 10:22 +0000:
> ... "parent" as "aq_parent(object)" ...
>Real world use tells me that this happens in CMF, which is why I'm still 
>asking about this patch ;-)

Two objections:

 1. When "object" is not acquisition wrapped, then "aq_parent(object)"
    is not its parent (but "object" itself). Thus, "parent" is
    not an adequate term, especially for this use case.

 2. We sometimes hear about CMF related problems in the various mailings lists.

    Some of them happen often (e.g. extremely sluggish under Win
    with "debug-mode on" ;-) ) and therefore merit quite some
    effect to get them fixed.
    And some are extremely rare
    (e.g. "lacking a predefined variable 'parent' bound to
    'aq_parent(object)'") and therefore it is doubtful that
    the CMF should become more complex to satisfy the respective
    use cases -- especially when there are (quite) easy solutions

    Based on these considerations,
    you have picked a problem of quite low practical importance ;-)


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