Skin caching (was [Zope-CMF] CMF or Plone Applications?)

David Pratt fairwinds at
Sun Dec 19 19:09:15 EST 2004

Totally super Chris!  Thanks for this info.  I am getting the feeling 
this will all fall into place already.


On Sunday, December 19, 2004, at 07:53 PM, Chris McDonough wrote:

> It's possible to put a .metadata file in your skins dir for each css
> file, e.g. "layout.css.metadata" and include something like this in it:
> [default]
> cache=an_http_cache_manager
> If "an_http_cache_manager" object exists anywhere in the acquisition
> path of the skin when it's accessed, and is an instance of an
> "Accelerated HTTP Cache Manager", your object will be served up with
> caching headers defined by its policies.
> On Sun, 2004-12-19 at 17:56, David Pratt wrote:
>> I found a thread that seemed pretty strong about the potential
>> incorporation of Archetypes into CMF 1.5 but it seemed unresolved 
>> since
>> there are a couple of schema based products and eventually there will
>> be the Zope3 schemas.  So not really sure what happened or what is the
>> status or whether anyone has hints somewhere on removing the Plone
>> dependencies.
>> In any case, I have spent much of the day starting my tableless CMF
>> default main_template.  It is going well but I see where I will need 
>> to
>> start coding if I want some some functionality back on a couple of
>> things. Oh well, it's going to have to be done but I am focusing on
>> critical stuff and improve as I go along.
>> Also the other thing I am encountering is the immediate loss of CSS
>> caching.  The nouvelle skin has an example of using base properties
>> with dtml CSS which I am following  - along with default table zpl,
>> removing tables and making divs, adding my own peices, etc but nothing
>> there for caching.  Anyway all I want is a skins product with all 
>> files
>> on the filesystem but the CSS will need to be cached.  Will have to
>> look into this or maybe someone's got an obvious answer. It's just 
>> that
>> I haven't had to worry about it before.  I know I will need to add a
>> cache manager but beyond that haven't investigated.
>> One thing is for sure.  I feel like I should have done this a while
>> ago.  I am sure I will have a better idea of what I have got in the
>> end.  Maybe there is a group of like-minded folks and we can put a CMF
>> default Archetypes product of all the hacked pieces together to a ZPL
>> product that could work  (if someone has not done this already).  It
>> seems sort of sad and maybe it is to even consider it over licensing
>> issues - but it would be good to have the functionality even if it 
>> adds
>> some weight to CMF for situations when you need it.   It is still one
>> less thing than with Plone added too and could fit the bill for 
>> clients
>> where GPL is no go situation.
>> Regards,
>> David
>> On Sunday, December 19, 2004, at 01:59 PM, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>> David Pratt wrote at 2004-12-18 20:26 -0400:
>>>> ...
>>>> But when I think Plone on top of CMF on top of
>>>> Zope I like the goal of just CMF on top of Zope with Archetypes.
>>> Archetypes has minor Plone dependancies. And new releases
>>> tend to add new ones...
>>> It is not a big problem but Archetypes changes are usually necessary
>>> to get it working in a Plone-less setup.
>>> By the way, Archetypes has an essential dependancy on the
>>> "CMFQuickInstaller"
>>> which is GPL, too.
>>> I will soon have to tackle this problem -- either by removing
>>> the dependancy or by implementing a dummy "portal_quickinstaller".
>>> -- 
>>> Dieter
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