[Zope-CMF] CMF or Plone Applications?

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Mon Dec 20 09:35:31 EST 2004

David Pratt wrote:

> I found a thread that seemed pretty strong about the potential 
> incorporation of Archetypes into CMF 1.5 but it seemed unresolved 
> since there are a couple of schema based products and eventually there 
> will be the Zope3 schemas.  So not really sure what happened or what 
> is the status or whether anyone has hints somewhere on removing the 
> Plone dependencies.
> In any case, I have spent much of the day starting my tableless CMF 
> default main_template.  It is going well but I see where I will need 
> to start coding if I want some some functionality back on a couple of 
> things. Oh well, it's going to have to be done but I am focusing on 
> critical stuff and improve as I go along.
> Also the other thing I am encountering is the immediate loss of CSS 
> caching.  The nouvelle skin has an example of using base properties 
> with dtml CSS which I am following  - along with default table zpl, 
> removing tables and making divs, adding my own peices, etc but nothing 
> there for caching.  Anyway all I want is a skins product with all 
> files on the filesystem but the CSS will need to be cached.  Will have 
> to look into this or maybe someone's got an obvious answer. It's just 
> that I haven't had to worry about it before.  I know I will need to 
> add a cache manager but beyond that haven't investigated.
> One thing is for sure.  I feel like I should have done this a while 
> ago.  I am sure I will have a better idea of what I have got in the 
> end.  Maybe there is a group of like-minded folks and we can put a CMF 
> default Archetypes product of all the hacked pieces together to a ZPL 
> product that could work  (if someone has not done this already).  It 
> seems sort of sad and maybe it is to even consider it over licensing 
> issues - but it would be good to have the functionality even if it 
> adds some weight to CMF for situations when you need it.   It is still 
> one less thing than with Plone added too and could fit the bill for 
> clients where GPL is no go situation.
> Regards,
> David

Hi David,

Writing a tableless main_template.pt for a given site is trivial. The 
problem is that you can't always predict what content your site will 
have in terms of horizontal widths, heights, etc. So creating a 
tableless page is easy, but creating a generic main_template.pt that is 
tableless and works with forums, photo galleries, etc.. is difficult.

the upcoming version of CPSSkins will have a tableless renderer and a 
macroless renderer (that gives you 20 requests / seconds on a laptop by 
totally by-passing the main_template.pt)

but the approach is different: a site is divided into themes and themes 
have several pages. In some areas of the site it makes sense to use a 
macroless renderer (e.g. for the front page) - in the back-office the 
default table-based renderer is best suited. In some areas of the site 
the table-less renderer works just fine.

The approach is the opposite of the 'one-size-fits-all'.

unfortunately for you the license is the GPL.

PS: about your css cache headers why don't you simply put them in the 
file itself as a series of dtml calls?

regards /JM

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