[Zope-CMF] cmf zpt_generic/search - sequence_length is very slow for large collections, len () is much faster.

Henryk Paluch hpaluch at gitus.cz
Thu Dec 23 09:38:12 EST 2004


>batch_obj.sequence_length returns the length of all the results.
>len(batch_obj) returns only the length of the current batch slice.
>Code is in ZTUtils/Batch.py
Agreed, but I do
len(items) but not len(batch_obj) :

items = ctool.searchResults(kw)
batch_obj = Batch(items, 25, b_start, orphan=1)
length = batch_obj.sequence_length

### my guess: len(items)==batch_obj.sequence_length
###    - but len(items) is much faster.

Is it right?

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