[Zope-CMF] CPSSkins 2.3.1 (cvs preview)

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Fri Dec 24 10:20:40 EST 2004


The first milestone in the development version of CPSSkins (2.3.1) will 
be released next week.
There has been a lot of changes and a lot of refactoring since the last 
stable version (CPSSkins 2.2) (see the changelog 
http://cvstrac.nuxeo.org/timeline?d=200&e=&c=2&px=CPS3%2FCPSSkins&s=0&x=1 )

The new features are:
- improved user interface for editing theme by using contextual menus, 
drag-and-drop and pop-ups.
- management interface for CPS Portlets (requires CPSPortlets)
- the theme editor is no longer dependent on CMFDefault's 'main_template.pt'
- Macroless renderer that by-passes main_template.pt (suitable for 
portal pages, yields 15-20 req /s)
- Tableless renderer (works quite well as long as cell widths are specified)
- Support for multi-page themes.
- Support for placeful themes and pages (per folder)
- Support for "cell blocks" to create advanced layouts (cells within cells).
- Support for boxes with rounded corners (box corner styles)
- debug mode to disable the crash shield (for development purposes)
- theme export / import in XML (requires a branch of CPSIO - not 
released yet)
- thumbnail images (themes, etc.)
- A lot of optimizations
- ....

Some animations and a download link to test the upcoming release are 
available at:

see the UPGRADE.TXT file for upgrading existing themes.

Have fun

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