[Zope-CMF] CMF base tag rant

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Mar 3 17:03:49 EST 2004

Alexander Limi wrote at 2004-3-3 11:54 +0100:
>When it could have been (and is, in the rest of the world) as simple as  
><a href="#someContent">Skip to content</a>

A browser should interpret the empty URL reference as a
reference to the current document -- independent of the value
of the "base" tag.

Zope must set the "base" tag as it implicitely modified
the URL (from "Plone" to "Plone/index_html"). Without the
base tag, relative URL references were wrong (even for
standard conform browsers).

A lot of other features let Zope also modify the URL:
":action" and ":method" specifiers in request parameters,
browser defaults, method aliases. Your workaround (for broken
browsers) may need to take care for all these cases.

Other HTTP servers use a redirect in such a case (as they
cannot or do not want to add a "base" tag).


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