[Zope-CMF] Re: Metatype() standard?

Marc Lindahl marc at bowery.com
Thu Mar 4 13:30:02 EST 2004

On Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at 07:13  PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>  as far as I know, nothing in the CMF depends on it, except as an 
>>> option to TypesTool.listContentTypes, where 'by_metatype' indicates 
>>> that the returned types should be sorted by the result of >>> 'Metatype'.
>> ...and by chance, this is what CMFRating is doing.  OK, so I guess 
>> that means listContentTypes is depreciated too?  So what should one 
>> use, to get a list of types to compare to getPortalType()?
> You can still call the 'listContentTypes' method, just don't pass 
> 'by_metatype=1' (the default is to sort by the ID of the type info 
> object).

I'm sorry the function I was originally talking about was 

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