[Zope-CMF] DynamicType's __before_publishing_traverse__

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Mar 5 17:05:55 EST 2004

Chris McDonough wrote at 2004-3-4 21:22 -0500:
>Some time ago (maybe 8 months ago or so.. wow, I'm so out of the loop),
>Yuppie changed DynamicType to have a __before_publishing_traverse__
>method that munges the request's path to set the default view for the
>This code in PortalContent still exists, but I can't think of a case
>where it ever gets invoked:
>   def __call__(self):
>        '''
>        Invokes the default view.
>        '''
>        view = _getViewFor(self)
>        if getattr(aq_base(view), 'isDocTemp', 0):
>            return view(self, self.REQUEST)
>        else:
>            return view()
>    index_html = None  # This special value informs ZPublisher to use

"__call__" might also be called directly (rather than by ZPublisher).

I agree with Yuppie that a Depracation Warning would be better
than simply remove the code right away.


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