[Zope-CMF] [dev] OrderedContainer and hidden sub-objects

Seb Bacon seb at jamkit.com
Tue Mar 9 08:46:32 EST 2004

yuppie wrote:
> Currently I'm working on integrating OrderSupport in CMF for the 1.5 
> release.


> It's confusing if the move methods move sub-objects relative to the 
> complete list of sub-objects, but you see only a subset of this list.
> ( <http://plone.org/collector/1823> )


> I even think adding an optional 'subset_ids' argument to OrderSupport in 
> Zope 2.7 could be the way to go. So (in the long run) CMF and Plone 
> don't have to override moveObjectsByDelta at all.
> The downside of this: It will make moveObjectsByDelta slower.

Surely not by very much?  A "move" operation is rarely 
performance-critical, anyway.

How about defining an IMoveableSubobjects interface which Containers may 
choose to implement?  I mention this because the problem reminds me of 
Shane's implementation of  versionable subobjects in 


Seems like an "adaptable" way of dealing with the problem. *cough*

With the (simpler) 'setset_ids' solution, where would you define the 
subset_ids for a given move operation?


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