[Zope-CMF] Re: Major action exhancements

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Thu Mar 11 11:13:44 EST 2004

+1 from me too on the whole.

> >      (with their own management pages), make them "PropertyManagers".
> > 
> >      This way, actions can get arbitrary additional attributes.
> Do we need arbitrary additional attributes per item?

I think so too, yes.

> > Future measures:
> > 
> >   *  Define action types to capture common properties of a family
> >      of related action definitions (e.g. common icons for
> >      all "edit" actions (now done in the separate "ActionIconsTool").
> >      Action definitions inherit properties from the associated
> >      type (maybe types?) but can override them.
> > 
> >   *  Provide a registry for action categories.
> >      These action categories are first class objects ("PropertyManagers"),
> >      control the context to evaluate TALES expressions in and
> >      can get additional properties useful for presentation of
> >      this category.
> What about making ActionProviderBase folderish, subclassing categories 
> from OrderedFolder and storing Action objects inside of categories 
> inside of Action Providers?

If we make it folderish, it will clash if it's included as a base class
of a folderish tool. You'd see both the categories and the normal
subobjects of the tool.

Note that it may be possible to reuse the "opaque" subitems notion I
introduced in CMFCatalogAware (for talkbacks) but usually I guess tools
are not catalog aware...


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