[Zope-CMF] Re: Allowed content types (CMF 1.5 - Roadmap)

yuppie y.2004_ at wcm-solutions.de
Sun Mar 14 15:28:18 EST 2004


Alexander Limi wrote:
> Since we're still talking about CMF 1.5 and the roadmap, I was 
> surprised  that no-one mentioned the #1 most requested feature in the 
> CMF: Deciding  who can add what where.

The development of the CMF is driven by contributions. If people request 
a feature, but nobody is willing to do the changes, the features will 
not make it into the next release. I guess you know that from Plone ;)

> Roles-based Add Permission is already possible on a global level, 
> what's  needed is a way to allow this on a *per-content-type* basis.

Just to be more explicit: You are talking about the 'portal_type', right?

> Something like this:
>                    Manager Reviewer Member
> CMF: Add Document   [x]     [ ]      [x]
> CMF: Add News Item  [x]     [ ]      [ ]
> CMF: Add Event      [x]     [x]      [ ]
> The current CMF notion of having *one* permission that is common to all  
> content types is pretty restricting. Similarly, there should be such  
> permissions for Deleting/Modifying the different content types. (Also, 
> if  this is happening and new permissions are needed, it would be nice 
> to  follow the Product: Permission Name naming convention. Minor 
> nitpick, but  you all know how hard it is to find the permission you 
> need in a list of  300 alphabetically sorted permissions. :)

Portal Types are defined in the Types Tool. One content class can be 
used for many Portal Types. The normal permission machinery only works 
per class.

The solution that was discussed earlier was to have only one permission, 
but to allow to set it different for each Portal Type.

> This would require a big change to the Types Tool including  
> FactoryTypeInformation, but it's sorely needed.

The 'add' permission is just a bugfix and delete / modify should also be 
possible without a big change. But someone has to *do* it.

See also our discussion in December:


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