[Zope-CMF] ANN: CustomSkins

Marc Lindahl marc at bowery.com
Wed Mar 24 04:31:01 EST 2004

I wanted my custom skins in FileSystemDirectoryViews (had a bunch of 
python scripts I wanted to load up) so I cooked this little package up, 
figured other people might like it too.

http://zope.org/Members/bowerymarc/CustomSkins/  (once it's published 
by the denizens of zope.org)


	this product lets you easily maintain a bunch of filesystem skins of 
your own.  No programming required.

	Install the product the normal way.  Add your skins folders to 
CustomSkins/skins folder.
	Then, use CMF Quickinstaller (or the old way - read __init__.py for 
details) to install.
	You'll have some FileSystem Views of your skins (if not, you can add 
them manually).
	Then do whatever you want with them - add them to a skin.

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