[Zope-CMF] oops. Added zpt after zope running, now get error

Gerald Young zope at gwy.org
Wed Mar 24 10:07:04 EST 2004

Well, the point is moot, now. I downloaded and installed zope 2.7.0, and it
runs, only now I need to find a way to get my 2.6.2 database working with
2.7.0 :( And with that, I'll probably change to the zope mailing list.)

Here's where I am: a working vanilla zope 2.7 with plone and silva and cmf
all installed nicely.
The 2.7 install was different from the 2.6.2 port, and so I installed the
.configure --prefix=/usr/local/www/Zope
and then it asked me to make instance somthing... and when it asked me where
I wanted the databases, instead of the /wherever/it/was/originally, probably
in /usr/local/www/Zope,
I said /home/zope. Well, bin/runzope runs, but now how do I try to get my
other zope publications into the new 2.7.0?

Sorry for mis-porting.

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> Gerald Young wrote:
> > All I did was cd /usr/ports/www/zope-zpt
> I'd start with a source tarball from zope.org.
> > make configure
> > make
> > make install
> >
> > stop and restart zope and got the error as listed.
> Hmmm. not convinced. At what point in this process did you install all the
> products? (Silva in particular...)
> > If you're asking if I made changes to the zope meta,
> What's a "zope meta" in your books?
> > if I make deinstall, I get a different error, so I have a non-working
> > system...
> what error do you get?
> Chris
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