[Zope-CMF] CMFWeblog and RPCAuth

Michael Kerrin michael.kerrin at openapp.biz
Fri Mar 26 09:16:43 EST 2004


   Assuming I have the right list.

   I having a small problem with authentication and xml-rpc with the 
CMFWeblog product or else I am not using it correctly.

   It seems that practically all the methods in the CMFWeblog product 
require the parameters of 'username' and 'password', although none of 
this parameters are actually used in these methods.

   The problem with this is that the RPCAuth product which performs the 
authentication of the XML-RPC request removes the username and password 
from the argument list passed to the method in question in the 
CMFWeblog product causing a BadRequest exception being raised.

   I have got around this for now by removing line number 109 in 
RPCAuth.py which removes the 'username' and 'password' from the 
argument list.

   I am presuming that the 'username' and 'password' arguments in the 
CMFWeblog methods shouldn't be there or at least be defaulting to None 
(although) this causes a problem has they are positional arguements and 
some have a more arguments after them. If so I can post a patch  to 
remove all the references to username and password to the collective at 
sf.net. Or should CMFWeblog be using the username and password to log 
in which the arguement list implies.

   Michael Kerrin

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