[Zope-CMF] [dev] encoding issues: showstoppers for the CMF 1.5 release?

yuppie y.2004_ at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Oct 7 08:36:53 EDT 2004


There are two encoding related issues I'd like to see resolved before 
CMF 1.5 is released. Both issues lead to mixed encodings and as a result 
to UnicodeDecodeErrors in Page Templates.

A.) RSS Syndication fail on non-ascii

affected: CMFDefault syndication of content with other encodings than 
ascii or unicode

This is a regression caused by the DTML to ZPT migration. If we agree on 
adding a 'default_charset' property to CMF sites, the issue is easy to 
fix by converting all strings passed to the template.

Are there better solutions? What should be the default 'default_charset'?

B.) CMFSetup: import of type infos broken

affected: CMFSetup imports. While you might not see any errors if your 
content is ascii or unicode, all sites are inconsistent after imports. I 
stumbled over this with type infos, but it looks like a general problem.

There are some other open CMFSetup issues, but I think this one is a 
real showstopper. And so far I have no good idea how to fix this.

These are my thoughts so far, any help with this is welcome:

1.) While it might be a future use case for CMFSetup to migrate 
properties from string to unicode, for now we have to make sure that 
imported properties are not unicode.

2.) If we don't specify an encoding, CMFSetup imports all properties as 
unicode. To convert unicode to string at a later point, we have to 
specify an encoding as well.

Is there a way to export / import "raw" property values, avoiding the 
need to specify an encoding?

What would be a good default encoding? I guess it might sometimes not be 
the same as the 'default_charset' for content. Should we restrict 
configuration data to ascii?

Any feedback is welcome.


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