[Zope-CMF] CMFBoard saves all messages in Unicode?

Ralf Orlowski ralf at orle.de
Tue Feb 15 14:21:08 EST 2005


I've got a big problem with CMFBoard in my plone site.

I use plone 2.0.5 for my site. The whole site uses latin-1-coding and the 
portal_properties are set accordingly.
All other content works fine with this setting and as far as I know it is not 
possible to use plone in utf-8-coding, because then the internationalized 
texts are displayed broken.

But with CMFBoard I have a big problem.
When I put a message into a forum and click on the preview button, everything 
looks fine.
But when I save the message, CMFBoard converts it into unicode and then the 
displayed message looks really ugly.

So can anybody give me a hint, where exactly this conversion to unicode 
happens (and maybe why) and how I can stop this stupid behavior of CMFBoard?

I've tried for hours now to solve this problem and it really drives me crazy, 
so any hint would be appreciated.


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