[Zope-CMF] Re: CMFSetup and workflows

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon Jul 11 10:05:23 EDT 2005

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yuppie wrote:

> Anahide Tchertchian wrote:
>> yuppie wrote:


>>>> - get rid of DCWorkflow specifics, and use the workflow factory and
>>>> API methods to import a workflow (no need to import
>>>> DCWorkflowDefinition, State, Transition classes anymore, for instance)
>>> I didn't have a look at the details. But I'm afraid we would loose
>>> some flexibility. Other import handlers allow fine-grained changes to
>>> existing setups.
>> I'm not sure I understand why we could lose some flexibility.
>> For instance, instead of doing:
>> from Products.DCWorkflow.States import StateDefinition
>> s = StateDefinition(id)
>> workflow.states._setObject(id, s)
>> I'd like to do:
>> workflow.states.addState(id)
>> Since workflows handled are supposed to be quite similar to DCWorkflow
>> workflows, I thought that if it's too different, a new configurator
>> will have to be coded anyway. This is just to handle DCWorkflow
>> subclasses, like CPSWorkflow classes.
> Ok. Looking at your example, I guess this is fine.

+1 from me.

>>>> - do not list workflows that are not supported when exporting (not
>>>> supported workflows are listed but not exported at the moment)
>>> You mean workflows without CMFSetup supported? i.e. CMFDefault
>>> DefaultWorkflow? Why shouldn't they be listed?
>> Currently, on export, if a workflow is not a DCWorkflowDefinition
>> instance, its name is listed in workflows.xml but there is no other
>> file containing the worklow definition, so I'm not sure there is a
>> point to list it.
> It's not useful for an automated re-import. But people can read the XML
> and get informed about unsupported objects in their site.
> On the other hand I don't care much about this.

The intent was to be able to record the "dotted name" of the component /
factory for the non-TTW workflow, so that it could be re-bound /
instantiated into a new site.  That part may not be wired up, yet.

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