[Zope-CMF] Action Name as TAL Expression

Pete Mawhinney pmawhinney at fitness2live.com.au
Thu Jul 14 20:33:27 EDT 2005

Hi There;

We are constructing a Nav bar that includes a link to "Members". Ideally
once a member logs in this label would change to their given name (as per

We are thinking about tackling this in one of the 2 ways described below. It
seems to us this might be a useful feature so we have a couple of questions
for the list. Is anyone aware of this creating a problem for backwards
compatibility? Is this worth submitting as a feature request? Perhaps it is
already covered by functionality we have not discovered.



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Subject: Action Name TAL Expression

Hi Pete,

A CMF action name is currently a simple string.

It would be a nice and relatively simple enhancement to have it support 
TAL expressions.  Note: This would need to be backward compatible, so we 
need to identify when/how to interpret the name as a tal expression.

A couple of schemes of the top of my head...

preceed tal expressions with a tag/market ie. tal:
evaluate an expression enclosed in backquotes (as in the bourne shell).

Name                      Rendered
----                      --------
Home                      Home

                           My Portal

I am `user/title_or_id`   I am John Brown

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