[Zope-CMF] Re: New CMFDefault type profiles altering ATCT types

yuppie y.2005- at wcm-solutions.de
Fri Jul 15 06:02:32 EDT 2005

Alec Mitchell wrote:
> On Thursday 14 July 2005 11:27 am, yuppie wrote:
>>Alec Mitchell wrote:
>>>I recently noticed that the recent addition of default type profiles to
>>>CMFDefault (e.g. CMFDefault/profiles/default/types/Topic.xml), has the
>>>very unwelcome side-effect of adding extra unwanted actions to the ATCT
>>>types in plone 2.1.  Perhaps these customizations should check the
>>>meta_type of the FTI they are altering before making potentially
>>>undesirable changes?
>>Could you please describe what you are exactly doing? When and why does
>>Plone import the CMFDefault profile?
> Actually, the problem was in ATCT, though it appears to have only become 
> visible because of the new profiles.  The profiles are imported in 
> PloneGenerator, which inherits CMFDefault.Portal.PortalGenerator and calls 
> setup.  Sorry for the false alarm. :)

CMFDefault.Portal.PortalGenerator is deprecated code and doesn't use 
CMFSetup and profiles in any way.

CMF 1.5 has some new / modified Actions, but that has nothing to do with 

Cheers, Yuppie

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