[Zope-CMF] Re: [ATTN]: CMF and related packages moved to svn.zope.org

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon Jul 25 10:30:40 EDT 2005

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Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Florent Guillaume wrote:
>>Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>Florent Guillaume wrote:
>>>>I'd like to propose renaming the main branches from things like
>>>>"CMF-1_5-branch" into just "1.5".
>>>>Is anyone opposed to it?
>>>-1.  I wouldn't be opposed to something like 'CMF-1.5-branch', but I
>>>don't want to have to keep *all* the branches checked out in order to
>>>distinguish them by directory path.
>>I'm not sure I understand the objection. For a checkout you could do:
>>cd ~tres/svn
>>svn co svn+ssh://..../CMF/branches/1.5 CMF-1.5-branch
>>svn co svn+ssh://..../CMF/tags/1.5.2beta2 CMF-1.5.2beta2
>>There are not hard relations between the name of your checkout and  
>>the name in the repository. "1.5" in the repository gives cleaner svn  
> There hasn't been any answer. Tres, are you still opposed to this
> cleanup?
> (A simple svn switch would be all that's needed for the people that
> already have an existing checkout.)

- -0.  I can live with it;  I don't want to do the work of converting all
the release tags back to the dawn of time, however.

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