[Zope-CMF] undo_form -> no content

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jul 27 13:32:11 EDT 2005

David Chandek-Stark wrote at 2005-7-27 09:51 -0400:
>I got no reply from plone-user on this issue -- I believe it's really a 
>CMF issue anyway. Add CMF 1.4.7 to the version info below.

Probably, because your question is not too clear...

> ...
>In my site the undo form is always blank. In the ZMI, however, undoable
>transactions are listed.

Thus, you speak of what "undo form"?

Apparently, the "undo" tab of the ZMI lists what you expect,
but something else does not. What is this something else?


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