[Zope-CMF] Re: Re: Re: CachingPolicyManager improvements

Geoff Davis geoff at phds.org
Tue Sep 6 00:18:30 EDT 2005

On Mon, 05 Sep 2005 21:50:36 -0500, Paul Winkler wrote:

>> Chris McDonough suggested an interesting way to do a poor-man's ESI: use
>> Apache's server side includes.
> That's an interesting idea. On the Zope side, you'd just have to set
> up your templates to spit out html containing SSI directives, obviously
> no problem.
> But what's involved in the Apache configuration?
> Is it easy to set up SSI processing of content delivered via
> mod_proxy or mod_rewrite?

It's just a suggestion.  I have no idea.  I'm sure it would be simple to
find out.

>> Along the same lines, if you set up all
>> have portlets to be methods that return a chunk of xhtml instead of ZPT
>> macros, then you could fetch your portlets through Squid rather than by
>> calling the methods directly.  You'd have some overhead in assembling
>> the page, but you'd get many of the benefits of ESI without having to
>> wait for a Squid 3 release.
> Not sure I follow this. What does the final assembly?  Your main ZPT
> template?  If so, why not just cache the xhtml-fragment portlets in a
> RAMCacheManager instead? Probably faster than waiting on network traffic
> to/from squid, and definitely easier to set up.

RAMCacheManager has no good way to purge stale content.  RAMCacheManager
is limited to RAM for its cache.  Etc.

> Another thing I've thought of: Put your portlets in iframes.
> But I've done only minimal work with iframes and don't really know what
> the implications are.

There are lots of interesting AJAX-based solutions, but they all involve
some degree of trust in the browser.

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