[Zope-CMF] Re: Plone CatalogTool behavioural change in 2.5

Rob Miller ra at burningman.com
Sun Apr 23 17:09:23 EDT 2006

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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> On 23 Apr 2006, at 21:07, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>> On the 1.6 branch you have both in place: the _initIndexes method on
>>> the CatalogTool, but also the GenericSetup-based way of index
>>> creation. So instead of reverting your change you could add a
>>> suitable GenericSetup profile?
>> CMFplone has a suitable GenericSetup profile. The problem is with third
>> party products that use CMFPlone.CatalogTool: their catalogs are
>> suddenly not initialized anymore. For the moment I've restored the
>> _initIndexes in there and added the deprecation warning.
> That's an odd use case. Other products wanting to instantiate another 
> catalog tool with the same indices as used by the Plone tool. Weird.

yes, that would be weird, but that's not our situation.  what we have 
are third party products that overrode the _initIndexes and 
_createTextIndexes methods, but which depend on the base class's 
__init__ and manage_afterAdd methods, respectively, to trigger them. 
GenericSetup obsoletes these calls for CMFPlone's CatalogTool, but 
causes breakage in the third party products that depended upon the old 
initialization calls.


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