[Zope-CMF] Re: GenericSetup: purging steps on new base profile

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Wed Feb 1 12:49:16 EST 2006

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 1 Feb 2006, at 17:30, Florent Guillaume wrote:
>> When you select a new base profile in the Properties tab, the toolset 
>> and import/export steps are not reset but simply updated. This means 
>> you can get steps unrelated to your profile that linger.
>> I'd like to change that behavior so that the toolset and steps are 
>> reset when a base profile is selected.
> +1 (unless I misinterpret the desired behavior of switching between base 
> profiles)

Hm a side effect is that if you select the initial base profile, then an 
extension profile, then the original base profile again, you won't have what 
you expect.

Because the "current base profile id" is not stored, there's no way to do 
detect the change to a different base profile. Should I store that property 
to allow for that use case?


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