[Zope-CMF] Re: RFC: PAS and the (non?) future of members

Rob Miller ra at burningman.com
Fri Feb 3 06:12:47 EST 2006

On Fri, 03 Feb 2006 09:48:40 +0100, robert rottermann wrote:
> Rob,
> we are in the midst off creating a Zope/Plone structure for a cluster of
> Universities here in Switzerland.
> I have been using CMF-Member in a number of sites and have never been
> happy with it. This stems mainly from the fact that I used a very early
> version for which no clean upgrade path ever existed.

urgh.  :-(.  it's improved considerably since early incarnations, but it's
still quite a beast. 

> I really would like to propose to use membrane for this project (and its
> many subprojects).
> The target release date for the sites is mid 2006. Now my question:
> Do you expect membrane to be in a solid state by then? We would of course
> be contributing as much as we can and the project would be a perfect
> testbed.

i can't make promises, of course, but this is quite reasonable.  if i'm
the only person who touches it, it may or may not happen.  but if a small
handful of other folks get involved and help with the efforts to improve
it, i think this would be no problem.

> However I need a strategy how we could go live in mid 2006 without using
> membrane . (and without redoing to much).
> We (probably) will be using Zope 2.9x and Plone 2.1x. There will be a
> cluster of Zope sites/subsites but all of them should be using a shared
> user management system.
> I really would like to hear your oppinion.

if Membrane weren't ready you could probably accomplish what you want just
using PAS and your own plug-ins.  of course even better would be for you
to help with the Membrane efforts.  :-).


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