[Zope-CMF] Apache VS. Zope logs

Jake jake at zopezone.com
Tue Feb 7 16:06:38 EST 2006

They will both be accurate, just two different uses.

I keep all my virtual sites producing logs in their own directory from
Apache (/home/websitename/logs/access.log) and Zope producing a combined
log for all of the websites (/usr/local/zope/log/Z2.log).

The only difference between the two is the website specific logs show true
IPs while the proxying of the requests to the Zope server shows only the
proxy IP.

Both are useful to show how the websites are doing by themselves and how
Zope is doing.


On Tue, February 7, 2006 6:34 am, Rui Gamito said:
> Hi all.
> Can anyone tell me why are there such differences on the reports generated
> by webalizer when running against the apache logs or the Z2.log from zope?
> I
> understand that this Z2.log is already in a format readable for webalizer,
> and that many people (for what I've been reading) use webalizer's default
> conf with this log. Are the generated stats accurate?
> Rui
> .
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