[Zope-CMF] What's the story for using Z3 content types as first-class citizens in CMF?

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Feb 11 05:04:39 EST 2006

On 10 Feb 2006, at 20:43, Martin Aspeli wrote:

> Hi,
> Just trying to get an overview - are there any plans or code (CMF  
> 2?) to make it possible to use Z3 content types as first-class  
> citizens in CMF? That is, make them available in add menus, make  
> actions/tabs appear on them, let them use method aliases, make them  
> catalog aware and so on, without necessarily inheriting from  
> PortalContent.
> Alec Mitchell's plone_schemas product lets you use such types in  
> Plone, though he derives from CMF's PortalContent (as I recall) and  
> manually constructs an FTI.
> I can see some great advantages to leveraging Z3's content type  
> system, not at least before they encourage easier re-use. That's  
> not to say that we can't start to write content types using CMF (or  
> Archetypes as the case may be in the Plone world) but presenting Z3  
> interfaces and offering adapters and get many of the same benefits,  
> but I'd really like to settle on one content type system in the  
> long run, and I think Z3 schemas are a nice approach.
> Who has experience with this? What holes are there to be plugged  
> before this stops being a slightly awkward marriage between old and  
> new code?

Hi Martin,

There is no such code right now and AFAIK no one has even looked at  
it. If anyone wants to take this up and the proposal/code is accepted  
the earliest target would be CMF 2.1.

I'm not sure how much work is needed for it. It's a matter of  
experimenting to see how far you can get before hitting walls I suppose.

As a general idea it does sound interesting because it is right on  
the roadmap towards combining CMF and Zope 3 in order to make CMF a  
thinner and thinner layer on top of Zope 3 technologies.


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