[Zope-CMF] Re: [Checkins] SVN: GenericSetup/trunk/PageTemplates/exportimport.py

yuppie y.2006_ at wcm-solutions.de
Tue May 16 16:00:46 EDT 2006

Rob Miller wrote:
> yuppie wrote:
>> What am I missing?
> the reason for putting the check in the PageTemplate adapter was because 
> FSPageTemplate objects, inheriting from PageTemplate will also return 
> the PageTemplate adapter, but we don't actually want them to be exported.
> the reason for making it a variable on the class was because it allowed 
> me to create the ControllerPageTemplate adapter (which has the same 
> problems w.r.t. FSControllerPageTemplates) as a subclass of this 
> adapter, with the only differences being the __used_for__, suffix, and 
> supported_meta_type values.
> of course, this was before i went down the .metadata rabbit-hole.  it 
> may disappear as i rethink how that all works.
> does that clarify?

Yes. Thanks. I was not aware of the FSPageTemplate issue.

Why can't we mark ZopePageTemplate instead of PageTemplate with the 
interface we adapt? FSPageTemplate is no subclass of ZopePageTemplate 
and I can't see why we would need an adapter for PageTemplate.

Cheers, Yuppie

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