[Zope-CMF] Re: GenericSetup ATContentTypes global_allow

yuppie y.2006_ at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Sep 21 05:33:19 EDT 2006


Raphael Ritz wrote:
> That's not the point. The question is, say, you want (some of) the
> default types *only* be addable to your custom type, so you want to
> replicate what you do in ZMI by ticking one check box: the 'implicitly
> addable' flag on a default type.
> In the old days this would have been something like this (pseudo code):
>   typesTool['File'].manage_changeProperties(global_allow=False)
> in the custom product's install.
> The question is: how would you do that from an extension profile
> without replicating the entire 'File' fti for just this little change?

An XML file with this content should work:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="File">
  <property name="global_allow">False</property>

This is the easy part. But the original question was how to do that in a 
loop based on a condition:

> for type in types:
>     if type in NOT_IMPLICITLY_ADDABLE:

That doesn't work in GenericSetup. You have to add a small XML file for 
each content type as in this example:




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