[Zope-CMF] Re: Tools as local utilities

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 01:59:45 EST 2007

On 2/7/07, Charlie Clark <charlie at begeistert.org> wrote:
> Am 07.02.2007 um 00:36 schrieb Martin Aspeli:
> > Why? Is it the ability to specify sensible version restrictions?
> > Have multiple versions of the same package as different
> > dependencies for different dependents? Automatic downloading of
> > dependencies where possible/desired? Standardised package metadata?
> > Standardised location to find and search for add-on libraries?
> You mean the existing approach didn't support this?

Yup, we sure mean that.

> Ever heard of sys.path?

Yeah, which is what eggs use an manage for you.

> This is guff. Why should Zope add-ons *necessarily* be available as
> third-party libraries?

They shouldn't. The point is that we want third-party libraries to be
available as Zope add-ons in much the same way as Zope Products are.

> But if this is required it's no big deal to
> put the Zope specific stuff in a Products folder and the library
> in ../lib/python.

Sure, but one of the things, the easy of use you talk about, is that
if everything is products you can make an svn-bundle, and just check
it out into the products directory. You can't do that if you need it
to be in several places.

I currently solve this with my own libraries by making Zope products
for the libraries as well, that put the libraries into sys.path if
they don't already exist there. But that's only possible with
libraries that I have control over.

Bildout, ploneout and workingenv are there to try to solve these
problems. If you don't like *them* I fully understand. They annoy me
since they install like, every again, which takes time, and their
complicated, and developer packages that ue them often require me to
create a new Zope-instance even if I don't want to.

But eggs? Eggs are great. Instead of separately downloading, compiling
and installing five packages, all you do is "easy_install blah" and it
does it for you. I really don't see how anybody can gripe about that.
And if you don't want to use it, then don't. Then download, compile
and install each paclage separately of you have to. Nobody is FORCING
you to use eggs.

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