[Zope-CMF] Re: Tools as local utilities

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Feb 7 05:46:55 EST 2007

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> I won't grace the uncalled-for sarcasm with an answer. You  
> misunderstand my point. I simply don't want the existing dead-simple  
> way of creating quick sandboxes be replaced by some mechanism where I  
> need to start writing configuration files or learn some wondrous  
> framework, just because it's been decreed the technology du jour.

Would you be ok if you had a tarball or svn:externals to place blanket into
lib/python instead of Products? That's achiveable now (you end up with
lib/python/Products/CMFCore etc, but potentially also
lib/python/five/localsitemanager or lib/python/plone/memoize if you guys
wanted to use that).

In terms of sandboxes, I agree that zc.buildout (which is the only one of
the tools that uses a config file) can be a bit heavy for quick prototyping
(but equally useful for tightly controlled, repeatable deployments,
potentially shared by multiple developers having identical local sandboxes). 

Any workingenv-based solution will be pretty quick, though. The example I
showed for 'ploneenv' is really just calling workingenv and installing the
Plone egg. If there was a CMF egg then (a) Plone would just depend on it and
(b) any dependencies (products or otherwise) that this egg depended on would
be automatically fetched. Of course, if you have it once, it's a single
directory (or zip file), that you could lump into lib/python directly.

At the moment, Zope isn't terribly happy running tests out of eggs that are
deployed as eggs (as opposed to ones you may copy/symlink to lib/python
directly, which it runs fine). Basically, you need to do this:

$ bin/zopectl test -m my.package --test-path src/my.package

presuming the egg is in src/my.package. Various people are getting annoyed
by this, so I expect it'll be fixed fairly soon, possibly by using Zope 3's
testrunner directly (but it may require a bit more un-majikifying of the
Products namespace first).

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