[Zope-CMF] Five's local sitemanager, CMF, etc

Rocky rocky at serverzen.com
Mon Feb 12 11:42:01 EST 2007

First off, please forgive me if this comes through twice... not sure
if I sent it the first time or not.

So here's what the consensus seems to be regarding CMF and the local
site manager business.

1) Create new five.localsitemanager that uses absolute imports as
necessary and does things in the style we want for five moving forward
(ie no Products package, etc) and store at svn.zope.org.

2) One of the CMF products (I suggest either CMFCore or CMFDefault)
includes a new 'src' directory where we use an svn:externals reference
to pull in the 'five' namespace package from five.localsitemanager.

3) In the __init__.py/initialize(context) function of the same CMF
product we do a check to see if five.localsitemanager is importable,
if not, then append the 'src' directory to sys.path

4) Some future version of CMF (maybe 2.2) has this straightened out
and gets the 'src' directory removed

Questions? Comments?  Any suggestions on which CMF product to do this
in?  I'm leaning towards CMFCore personally as without this part of
the intended CMF functionality is not available.


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