[Zope-CMF] Re: Generic Setup Delta Profiles

yuppie y.2007- at wcm-solutions.de
Wed Feb 14 05:35:37 EST 2007

Hi Matt!

Matt wrote:
> Are there any RelaxNG or W3C XML Schemas for the Generic Setup XML formats?

No. Don't think so.

> Also, I presume by looking at the latest revision of differ
> http://svn.zope.org/GenericSetup/trunk/differ.py?rev=41383&view=auto
> that DeltaProfiles are going to start off being unified diffs.
> If useful, I would like to contribute by developing an XML diff based
> solution using a RelaxNG schema that can define when elements are
> ordered or not, and to normalize out whitespace, which seem to be the
> two most recurring problems in doing generic setup export diffs.

Did you see this thread?

What kind of XML diff do you have in mind? Which libraries would this 
depend on?



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