[Zope-CMF] workflow and deletes

Miles miles at jamkit.com
Wed Feb 14 09:10:11 EST 2007


I'd like my workflow to be notified when an object is deleted, so it has 
the chance to veto deletion, or do some tidy-up on related objects. 
However at the moment, the workflow tool is not wired up to react to 
deletion at all.

I was wondering how - if at all - others have made a workflow react to 
deletion of an object.  Is there any call for some hook/event that 
allows workflows to respond to this event?  It seems a bit odd to me 
that workflows are carefully notified of creation via notifyCreated, but 
can't do anything about deletions.

I thought of creating a 'delete' workflow action, but that would cause 
problems if ever the object were deleted via a different mechanism (e.g. 



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