[Zope-CMF] Re: tools-as-utilities, merging, releasing, etc

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Feb 28 10:15:26 EST 2007

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Rocky wrote:

> Now that I have completed the primary functionality for
> five.localsitemanager it seems to me that the CMF
> jens_tools_as_utilities branch should be ready for merging into trunk
> in anticipation of the of the next cmf 2.1 alpha/beta release.
> Even if the functionality is unstable at this point I would think it's
> fine for beta since there is no more intended functionality meant to
> be included.
> Just for a bit of extra info, I have solidified the release-0.1 tag
> for five.localsitemanager and this tag is used directly by the jens
> CMF branch.  I'd prefer to keep 0.1 as a silent release with the goal
> of five.localsitemanager 1.0 final being released simultaneously with
> CMF 2.1 final.
> What do you all think?

This change is the most potentially disruptive one to land in the CMF in
quite a while. Can we get some feedback from those who need the merge
that the branch works reasonably well for them?  And do we have any
writeup about what folks who have been working at or near the tip of the
trunk should expect after such a merge?  We should tag the tip before
the merge, to give those who need stability a place to hide, too.

On that note, I would *greatly* appreciate it if you (Rocky) would
promise not to move the SVN tag for LSM after this point:  the
possibility of chasing down reports which can't be replicated due to
having the same tag point at different actual versions is terrifying to me.

BTW, the Plone practice of bundling all the component products as
'-trunk' has bitten me more than once on this front:  I don't think you
can ask people not directly involved in developing the component pieces
to test something which differs from minute-to-minute.  It is more work
to do "real" release management on the components, but I have found it
very worthwhile.

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