[Zope-CMF] Fixing STX for non-ascii

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Wed Jun 13 12:39:38 EDT 2007

Am 13.06.2007 um 17:45 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl:

> If your goal is to attach a patch to the issue you're about to  
> file, please do *not* mix up changes that affect the problem at  
> hand with unrelated cosmetic cleanups. That will just serve to  
> confuse the reader. Do the cleanup separately, if you have to.

Thanks for the tip. I'll do the cleanup separately. I think it's  
worth it in case anyone wants to look at this code which is pretty  
cryptic at times and also inconsistent.

Can I actually test this module in Zope 2?
bin/zopectl test -s zope.structuredtext doesn't run any tests.

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