[Zope-CMF] Re: SVN: CMF/branches/2.1/C - changed the way skins are set up, using __before_publishing_traverse__ instead of __of__

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Mon Jun 18 04:48:05 EDT 2007


for some reason this change broken unit tests in all of the Plone
packages, starting with Archetypes, ATContentTypes up to CMFPlone. It
cannot find various skin methods and templates anymore.

Do you have some idea what could cause this? I have seen you introduced
a new __before_publishing_traverse__ method on PortalObject but as the
PloneSite object is derived from the CMFDefault.CMFSite object and in
return on PortalObject that method should be present on our site object
as well.

Any hints in which direction to look here? I have seen you changed the
setup code in two tests as well, to setup the skin manually, is this
something that is required now?


Yvo Schubbe wrote:
> Log message for revision 76729:
>   - changed the way skins are set up, using __before_publishing_traverse__ instead of __of__
> Changed:
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CHANGES.txt
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFCalendar/tests/test_Calendar.py
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFCore/DynamicType.py
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFCore/PortalObject.py
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFCore/Skinnable.py
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFCore/tests/test_SkinsTool.py
>   U   CMF/branches/2.1/CMFDefault/tests/RegistrationTool.txt
> -=-
> Modified: CMF/branches/2.1/CHANGES.txt
> ===================================================================
> --- CMF/branches/2.1/CHANGES.txt	2007-06-17 13:35:02 UTC (rev 76728)
> +++ CMF/branches/2.1/CHANGES.txt	2007-06-17 14:08:32 UTC (rev 76729)
> @@ -11,6 +11,12 @@
>    Bug Fixes
> +    - SkinnableObjectManager: Changed the way skins are set up.
> +      Acquisition wrapping no longer triggers 'setupCurrentSkin'. This is now
> +      done on publishing traversal after the BeforeTraverseEvent triggers
> +      'setSite'. This fix replaces a temporary hack introduced in 2.1.0-beta,
> +      making sure ISkinsTool is looked up after setting the site.
> +

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