[Zope-CMF] Effective Date inconsistencies

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Sat Jun 23 07:57:25 EDT 2007

Previously Alexander Limi wrote:
> Not so:
> - EffectiveDate returns a *string* 'None' when it has no value (wtf?)

That is wrong: it should return 'the time in the system default
timezone' as documented in T Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IDublinCore.
If Archetypes does that you should file a bugreport for it.

> - Then I think "that's what 'effective' is for" — it return __FLOOR_DATE  
> if unset, so no False there either.

ICatalogableDublinCore does not define what happens in that case, so
__FLOOR_DATE is just as valid as anything else.

> There seems to be no way of getting the effective date to actually return  
> a False value.

How can a date ever be a boolean value? A data is a date.

> At which point I want to ask: Can we fix this in CMF 2.1, so it is  
> possible to get False values from the date objects? 

A 'False' value for a data can never be correct.


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