[Zope-CMF] Re: [dev] five.localsitemanager: proposal

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Sat Jun 23 21:06:13 EDT 2007


Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi Yuppie,
>> This proposal is now implemented on CMF and five.localsitemanager
>> trunk. Everything *seems* to work, but maybe I'm missing something.
>> This might be a good time to review and test the changes - any
>> feedback is welcome.
> Well done - great work! :)
>> Done:
>> -----
>> There are 10 tools in CMF that are not ready for being used as
>> utilities, they have to be used the old way until they are fixed:
>> content_type_registry
>> cookie_authentication
>> portal_actions
>> portal_calendar
>> portal_catalog
>> portal_skins
>> portal_types
>> portal_uidhandler
>> portal_url
>> portal_workflow
> Are these registered as utilities as all? Or only available using
> getToolByName?

They are not utilities, so they are not registered as ones. Only
available through good old getToolByName :)

>> ToDo:
>> -----
>> - real world testing

My testing of Plone 3.0 after the merge so far results in all
integration tests failing with that stupid error inside the component
registry when it throws an AttributeError on 'adapters'. The error
happened a few times already, but I'm too tired to figure out right now
why it is failing this time.

>> - backport to the CMF 2.1 branch
> Is this in the pipeline? i.e. will this code land in Plone 3.0? :-)

I just did the backport. One test fails in pure CMF 2.1. I was so evil
and commented it out. The test is in CMFCore/test/test_SkinsTool and is
named test_getCurrentSkinName. I marked it with a XXX comment.

Yvo could you look at it, I didn't quite understand all the skins
related changes?

>> - fix the GenericSetup handler
> How so?

There's not only an open bug report in the CMF collector, but I also
still have a mail in my inbox with all the changes we agreed on a while
back... once the latest changes have proven to be stable, I'll get right
to it.


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