[Zope-CMF] Re: state of GenericSetup trunk and branches

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Mon Jun 25 19:04:59 EDT 2007

Rob Miller, on 2007-06-25:
> all of the steps for a profile will be loaded into the setup tool
> the first time you run any of the steps for that profile.  what's
> missing is the option of loading all of the steps from a profile
> WITHOUT actually running them, so that you could run only the
> importVarious from your profile before running any of the other
> ones.  i imagine a 'load import steps' button on the profile page,
> next to the 'import' button.

The patch I linked to (http://paste.plone.org/15349) does that.

Well, the button is labelled "Register Selected Extensions" there.

> i like the file check, myself.  my second choice would be checking
> the active profile by profile id.  the path check you're using would
> be my third choice.  but it's better than nothing.

I am using the file check now.

>> Hm, I just selected my importVarious step and ran that step with its
>> dependencies, but I did that with the base (Plone) profile.  This step
>> has three dependencies.  These dependencies are imported (but with the
>> xml files from Plone as their data) and then the importVarious step
>> itself exits early because of the check I added:
>> INFO GenericSetup.propertiestool Properties tool imported.
>> INFO GenericSetup.catalog Catalog imported.
>> INFO GenericSetup.workflow Workflow tool imported.
>> INFO GenericSetup.eXtremeManagement Nothing to import: not in eXtremeManagement path
>> So the dependencies are run, but then the code in the depending step
>> realizes it does not actually need to run itself, so running the
>> dependencies was not really needed.  I understand what is happening,
>> but it sounds a bit wrong to me.
> i agree that it's awkward, but it is actually the right behaviour.
> ideally the profile check would happen before the dependencies are run.

On the other hand: this only happens when you have manually selected
an import step that the selected profile does not have a file to
import for.  So then it is the user's own mistake.  Ideally, the user
would not make a mistake. ;-)

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