[Zope-CMF] Re: Problem with STX rendering

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Sat May 12 04:37:45 EDT 2007

Charlie Clark wrote:
> Sorry, but I can't see any relation: my post is solely related to 
> content in the ZODB. Anyway doesn't Silva do this (work extremely well 
> with external files) already?

Sorry that I've been unclear as to what I meant.

The point is not file system versus ZODB here but
to provide an extensible framework to support
format conversions (whether that's on import or
export, view or save, etc) when and wherever needed.

Basically, it is about redoing Plone/Archetypes'
transformation tool, just better ;-)

Having such a utility at hand then should allow to
easily configure what formats to support in which
context where your proposal (to add ReST support
to the Document type) would be just one specific


> Charlie

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